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Wordle CAT

About Us

Welcome to Wordle CAT, the ultimate destination for word game enthusiasts! Our website was created with the aim of providing a fun and challenging experience for those who love language and testing their vocabulary skills.

As avid gamers ourselves, we understand the joy of finding a new and exciting game to play. That’s why we developed Wordle CAT, a unique word game in Catalan where players have 6 tries to guess a hidden word. It’s the perfect combination of strategy and entertainment.

Our team is dedicated to continuously improving and updating our game, ensuring that our players always have a fresh and engaging experience. We also take pride in creating a user-friendly interface that makes playing easy and enjoyable for everyone.

So whether you’re a native Catalan speaker or just looking for a new linguistic challenge, come join us at Wordle CAT & See if you can guess the hidden word in just 6 tries!