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Are you ready to take your Wordle skills to the next level? If you’re a fan of word games and looking for a new challenge, then Plusword is here to test your vocabulary prowess! Get ready to dive into the world of Plusword on Wordle CAT, where wordsmiths thrive and strategic thinking reigns supreme. Let’s explore how this exciting twist on the classic game can elevate your gaming experience!

What is Plusword

Looking to level up your word game experience? Enter Plusword, a thrilling variation of the popular word puzzle game Wordle. In Plusword, players must not only guess the secret five-letter word but also figure out the common letters shared with an additional mystery word.

This twist adds a new layer of challenge and excitement to the classic gameplay, keeping you on your toes as you strategize and deduce possible letter combinations. Plusword tests not just your vocabulary skills but also your ability to think critically and make informed guesses based on limited information.

With its unique blend of deduction and linguistic prowess, Plusword offers a refreshing take on traditional word games that will appeal to both casual players and seasoned wordsmiths alike. Get ready to sharpen your mind and have fun unraveling words in this engaging puzzler!

How To Play Plusword

First, open the Plusword app on your device. Once you’re in, you’ll see a grid of letters waiting for you to form words.

To play, simply swipe across adjacent letters to create words. The longer and more complex the word, the higher your score will be.

Keep an eye on the timer ticking down as you race against the clock to find as many words as possible before it runs out.

Don’t forget about special tiles that can give your score a boost or help you clear challenging letters from the board.

Challenge yourself by aiming for high scores and competing with friends to see who can come up with the most creative words within the time limit. So go ahead, start playing Plusword today!

Tips & Tricks To Win Plusword

1. Start with vowels: Begin by guessing common vowels like A, E, I, O, U. This can give you a good foundation to build upon as you uncover more letters.

2. Focus on letter combinations: Look for common two-letter or three-letter combinations in words to narrow down possibilities quickly.

3. Pay attention to word patterns: Analyze the placement of letters within the five-letter word grid to identify potential matches based on past guesses.

4. Use process of elimination: Eliminate letters that do not appear in any correct position in previous guesses to streamline your options.

5. Keep track of previous guesses: Maintain a log of past attempts and outcomes to make informed decisions on future moves.


Q:1 How is Plusword different from other word games?

A: Plusword combines the challenge of guessing a mystery word with the fun of solving clues to narrow down your options. It’s a unique twist that keeps players engaged and on their toes!

Q:2 Can I play Plusword solo or with friends?

A: You can enjoy Plusword however you like! Whether you prefer to tackle the puzzles alone or invite friends to join in on the fun, the choice is yours.

Q:3 Is there a time limit for solving each puzzle?

A: No, there’s no pressure when playing Plusword. Take your time to carefully consider each clue and make strategic guesses without worrying about running out of time.


Plusword is an engaging and challenging word game that offers a unique twist on the classic Wordle format. With its additional clues and gameplay mechanics, Plusword provides players with a fresh and exciting way to test their vocabulary skills and strategic thinking.

 By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can improve your chances of solving the puzzle correctly within the given number of attempts. So why wait? Dive into the world of Plusword today and see if you have what it takes to conquer this innovative word game!